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AUS-MEAT - Beef and Veal Language brochure AUS-MEAT
AUS-MEAT - Chiller Assessment AUS-MEAT
AUS-MEAT - Over the hooks guide AUS-MEAT
Beef carcasses with larger eye muscle areas, lower ossification scores and improved nutrition have a lower incidence of dark cutting   Meat Science Vol. 92 Issue 4. Dec 2012 pp. 474-480 
Beef cattle breeding systems NSW DPI, Primefact 624, May-07
Beef CRC fact sheets Beef CRC
Beef CRC publications Beef CRC
Beefspecs Calculator NSW DPI
Beefspecs Tip and Tool NSW DPI
Brahman and Brahman crossbred cattle grown on pasture and in feedlots in subtropical and temperate Australia  Animal Production Science (2009) 49(5&6): 439-451 
Breed differences and genetic parameters for fat traits of crossbred cattle  Proc. Assoc. Advmt. Anim. Breed. Genet. Vol 14 477 
BREEDPLAN EBVs - the traits explained BREEDPLAN Website
BREEDPLAN tip sheets BREEDPLAN Website Tip sheets
Bruising in beef cattle slaughtered at an abattoir in southern Queensland

Abstract, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 25(4) 727- 733

Bull Selection NSW DPI Booklet
Cattle breed types NSW DPI, PRIMEFACT 623, May-07
Cattle must have sound teeth NSW DPI, Agfact A0.2.2, second edition 1989, Reviewed September 2002
CRC 'Regional Combinations' Project - Regional beef systems to improve productivity and profitability  Beef CRC Conference, Armidale NSW, March 2006 pp. 127-134 (CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies) 
Crossbreeding systems for beef cattle MLA Website
Colour of fat, and colour, fatty acid composition and sensory characteristics of muscle from heifers offered alternative forages to grass silage in a finishing ration  Meat Science. Available online 23 May 2013 
Dark cutting Farmnote 61/00, Western Australian
Dark cutting and animal temperament  AMPC (2005) 
Dark cutting beef - managing cattle to reduce DCB NSW DPI, Agnote DAI-245 First Edition, 13 June 2001 
Dark cutting beef - what is it?  NSW DPI, Agnote DAI-244 First Edition, 13 June 2001 
Dentition in a northern environment Agnote J58, Dec-02, Northern Territory Gvt.
Developing an effective breeding plan for your beef business NSW DPI, Primefact 620, May-07
Development of the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) prediction model for beef palatability  Australian Journal of  Experimental Agriculture (2008) 48:1368-1379
Dressing percentage guide NSW DPI, PRIMEFACT 340 (REPLACES AGFACT A2.7.17), JANUARY 2007
Economic advantages of better management of your beef breeding herd Primefact 627, May-07
Effect of supplementation and age of slaughter on marbling  Beef CRC Fact Sheet (2012) 
Effects of genetics and growth rate on beef production and meat quality  Beef CRC - Regional Combinations (2007)
Fat composition of beef and sheepmeat: opportunities for manipulation Food Science Australia, Meat Technology Update 2/08. April 2008.
Fat distribution and eating quality MLA - MSA Tips and Tools 
Finishing cattle with supplements at pasture Proc. Aust. Soc. Anim. Prod. 1996 Vol.21, pp.82-91
Frame scoring of beef cattle Agfact A2.3.4 Edition: Second edition Last updated: 12 Jan 2005
Genetics NSW DPI, Primefact 625, May-07
Genetic and phenotypic characterisation of animal, carcass and meat quality traits from temperate and tropically adapted beef breeds Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 2003, 54 pp119-134
Genotype and growth rate effects on marbling intramuscular fat and eating quality in feedlot - finished beef carcases Animal Production in Australia 25, 331
Growth, maturity and carcase suitability Southern Beef School, July 2006, Bob Gaden
Guaranteed eating quality Australian Beef - the Leader Conference (pp. 111-120)
High pH/dark beef Food Science Australia, Meat Technology Update 98/1 (February 1998). Reprinted 2006
How does marbling develop? Beef CRC publication
Improving marbling by genetics Johnston, D (2006) pp. 104-106
Key Messages for commercial breeders in Southern Australia Beef CRC publication
Live beef cattle assessment NSW DPI, Primefact 622, May 2007
Livestock Library Search Engine
Managing cattle feeding programs for marbling Beef CRC Marbling Symposium 2001 pp. 125-128
Marbling and quality of meat Meat Technology Update, Food Science Australia, June 2005 
Marbling in a nutshell Beef CRC publication
Market specifications for beef cattle NSW DPI, Primefact 621, May-07
Mature weight Northern Territory Agnote J78, Mar-04
Meat Standards Australia Meat Standards Australia Homepage
MLA's current events MLA Events List
More Beef from Pastures Program MLA Website
MSA on-farm management checklist MLA Website 
Muscle scoring beef cattle NSW DPI, PRIMEFACT 328 (REPLACES AGFACT A2.3.35), JANUARY 2007
Muscularity and a Productive Breeding Herd - Achieving Both Beef CRC Fact Sheet, J. Accioly
On the Growth Path to Profit Beef CRC Publication, Jun-09
Ossification and beef eating quality MLA - MSA Tips and Tools
Preventing dark meat colour Beef CRC
Producing Quality Beef Beef CRC Publication, May-04
Productivity Consequences of Incorporating Late Maturing Genes into a Tropically-adapted Breeding Herd in the Victoria River District, NT Paper from The Kidman Springs Genotype Trial 1995-2001, Department of Primary Industries Northern Territory
Reducing dark-cutting in pasture-fed beef steers by high-energy supplementation Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture (2007) 47(11):1277-1283
Saleable Meat Yield Western Australian Dept. Agriculture, Farmnote 26/2004, Reviewed 2007

Science for quality beef

Beef CRC (p13)
Seasonal variation in muscle glycogen in beef steers Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture (2004) 44(8):729-734
Selection for muscling and its effects on carcase attributes Beef CRC Fact Sheet, J. Accioly
Shape assessment and muscle score in beef cattle NSW DPI, Agnote DAI-256 Edition: First edition Last updated: 21 Aug 2001, NSW DPI
Some factors affecting fat colour in beef CSIRO Newsletter 93/4. 15 July 1993
Sources of variation in subcutaneous fat colour of beef carcasses Proc. Aust. Soc. Anim. Prod. Vol.18 (416-419)
Summary of growth and nutritional influences on marbling Dundon (2003) 31 October 2003 pp. 53-54
The behaviour and bruising of cattle during transport at different space allowance Abstract, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 28(6) 695 - 698
The effect of marbling on beef eating quality MLA - MSA Tips and Tools
The effect of pH on beef eating quality MLA - MSA Tips and Tools
Tools & calculators MLA
Training Courses - New South Wales Profarm Homepage, NSW DPI
Training Courses - Northern Territory Northern Territory, Department of Resources - Primary Industries, Training Courses webpage
Training Courses - Queensland Animal industries services webpage, QLD DAFF
Training Courses - South Australia Rural Solutions, Workshops page
Training Courses - Tasmania Homepage Tasmanian Food and Agriculture , Training courses, field days and workshops, Tasmania
Training Courses - Victoria Homepage , Victorian DPI Agriculture
Training Courses - Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food , Events
Visual and manual assessment of fatness in cattle NSW DPI, PRIMEFACT 282, (REPLACES AGFACT A2.7.16), NOVEMBER 2006