Correct weight and fat

Congratulations! These carcases have hit the "sweet spot" in the target specifications. Enjoy your success.

If you are interested in further improvement of these carcases, it may be possible to:

  • Increase dressing percentage and the yield of saleable meat in the carcase, by genetic improvement of muscling through crossbreeding or selection within your breed.
  • Fine-tune the average level of fatness towards the centre of the target by making them slightly leaner or making them slightly fatter.

Of course there are always opportunities for improving on-farm productivity. In addition to the information below, MLA has a range of Tools and calculators that can help you to produce a greater weight of beef from your enterprise and reduce your cost of production.


Am I aiming at the right target?

Help with assessing fatness and carcase weight in live cattle

Reducing variation in the sale group

Take care before making major changes!


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