Cow specific feedback

Cows are usually a by-product of a breeding enterprise but can provide a significant proportion of your income. There are often opportunities to improve the value of cows faster than you can for steers.

If you are checking feedback on your cows, check their weight and fatness and click on the links below for more information.

  • Cows that are too light and too lean are costly to process and yield less beef. In dry seasons they can drop to a very low value but you can take action to sell them early, or add value to them quickly by putting some weight on them.

  • Cows that are too fat may be discounted but it's hard to reduce their fatness economically before slaughter. It's usually best to accept the discount and move on.

  • Cow carcases are mainly boned out for manufacturing beef but good primal cuts may be sold as table beef. Cows that are muscular rather than overfat are significantly more valuable.

  • Adding value to cows is often a missed opportunity because most people see them as culls to get rid of. Fattening cows can be quite profitable but be careful if they are close to calving or have lost teeth.

  • Genetic improvement of the herd can also improve the carcase value of surplus cows but there can be a down side if it's not planned carefully.