Reducing variation in the sale group

It is much easier to market groups of animals if they have similar specifications.

You can reduce variation in a sale mob by working on the main causes. Some are easier than others to control. They include:

  • The number you have to pick from - the more you can draft out, the more uniform you can make the sale lot. Looking for extras to "make up the numbers" always adds to variation.
  • Drafting/assessment skill - the person sorting the cattle may need to improve their skills at assessing weight or fatness.
  • Cattle with a range of frame size and maturity patterns running together can finish at different weights and fat depths.
  • Variation in background (entry weight, genetics, nutrition, health etc.) if they are not home-bred cattle.
  • Variation in age and therefore weight can be reduced in home-bred cattle by condensing the calving period.