Improving cattle that are too heavy and too lean for the market

These cattle are difficult to match to this market without significant change to nutrition and possibly genetics too. They are probably better suited for carrying on a heavier weight market if one is available.

To change them to fit this market, they would need to have grown faster from earlier in life to put on more fat at this weight. They would reach the target weight at a younger age but with more fat.

You can use the BeefSpecs tool to see what you need to do with nutrition to hit the target.

If you bought these cattle to finish for this market, they were probably too heavy at the start and too late maturing.

If you bred these cattle the main options are:

  • Choose a heavier weight market
  • Improve nutrition by pasture development and/or supplementary feeding
  • Sell them to a feedlot for finishing

If the cattle are already very heavy but still too lean, consider breeding back to an earlier maturing (smaller frame) type of bull. Cattle with a more moderate frame size are easier to fatten than cattle with a large frame.