Improving cattle that are too light for the market

The simplest thing to do next time would be to sell to a lighter weight market, or carry them on longer until they reach the target weight.

If you bought them to finish for this market, they were probably too light at the start.

If you bred them, you may need to consider a range of other options, e.g.

  • They could be grown slower to a heavier weight before finishing, but this would require more time and may not match your available pasture growing season
  • Improve nutrition (pastures) so they are heavier at this age, but bear in mind they will be fatter too (the BeefSpecs tool will help here)
  • Breed for increased frame, growth and muscling using EBVs to add weight without adding fatness

You can use the BeefSpecs tool to see how the weight and fat specifications of your cattle change as they grow. This can help you decide which market to target and predict when the cattle will be ready.