What is Livestock Data Link?

Livestock Data Link (LDL) is an online program that enables the smooth, timely sharing of carcase information between processors and their producers with the aim of optimising supply chain performance

LDL currently offers four modules:

  • Carcase compliance โ€“ users can see how the carcases they consigned comply with theair target grid/ Where carcase performance is not in line with the grid, a library of solutions is provided for producers to address no-compliance issues on farm.
  • Animal health information โ€“ users can view any animal disease & defect conditions that were identified as part of post-mortem inspection. Currently, LDL provides feedback on 17 of the disease and defect issues collected through the National Sheep Health Monitoring Project (NSHMP). Work is underway to also provide beef disease and defect feedback. It is anticipated this information on cattle will be made available through LDL during 2019.
  • Breeder Information (beef) - Beef cattle breeders can access carcase information for animals they have bred but not directly consigned to a processor.
  • Lean Meat Yield Percentage (LMY%) - LDL provides a Lean Meat Yield (LMY%) figure based on a predictive algorithm. It indicates the percentage of meat recovered from a carcase โ€“ a key driver of profitability. This information is provided for sheep carcases, as well as beef carcases that have been through MSA grading. As more technology comes on board, greater precision and accuracy of measurement will be achieved. DEXA is one of these technologies and is currently being rolled out in some plants

About Livestock Data Link