What is Livestock Data Link?

Livestock Data Link (LDL) is an online application that facilitates improved information sharing in the supply chain. LDL enables feedback to be received, analysed, and compared to other results in an efficient way. Your consignment performance can also be linked to supporting materials to help to understand what management practices could be considered to improve performance.  The overall objective of LDL is to assist in optimising supply chain performance through turning complex information into simple decision making through analysis and reporting.

LDL currently offers two modules:

  • Carcase compliance – users can analyse carcase performance in terms of compliance to the grid they consigned against, with performance outcomes linked to a library of solutions on how to address non-compliant issues on farm.
  • Animal health information – users can view any animal health conditions that were identified as part of post-mortem inspection.  Please note the current functionality relates only to sheep health data collected through the National Sheep Health Monitoring Project.