Why can I see animal health data, but not carcase compliance data?

When you log in to Livestock Data Link (LDL) you may have animal health and disease data but no carcase compliance data. As LDL is a voluntary program in the early stage of its roll out, not all processors are participating in the program, so you may not have carcase compliance data in the system.  If you believe you have consigned animals to a participating abattoir and you cannot see you data, send details of the consignment through to ldlsupport@mla.com.au. If you would like to find out whether your processor is part of the LDL program please contact your processor directly.

If you are processor and no carcase compliance data exists for your establishment in LDL. This is most likely because your establishment has not been added to the list of abattoirs participating in LDL. If you believe your establishment should be in this list and you cannot see your data, contact ldlsupport@mla.com.au.