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Resource Name Published By
A producer's guide to production feeding for lamb growth MLA
Achieving a brilliant finish to your lambs Sheep CRC
Comparing lamb marketing methods Local Land Services, Land fact LF-AP-02
Electronic Identification (EID) Equipment and Software Suppliers for Sheep Producers Department of Primary Industries Victoria, Note Number AG1317
Ewes and lambs Sheep CRC
Ewes in better condition at joining conceive more lambs Lifetimewool
Feedlotting lambs NSW DPI Primefact 523 November 2007
How pasture characteristics influence sheep production NSW DPI Primefact 530 May 2007
How to tell the age of sheep NSW Agriculture Agfact A3.0.1
Lamb growth predictor Sheep CRC
Livestock Information Library
Making More From Sheep Module 3: Market focused lamb and sheepmeat production MLA and AWI
MLA Events MLA
More productive progeny through better ewe management Lifetimewool
MSA Lamb & Sheepmeat MLA
On-farm impacts on eating quality Sheep CRC
Quality Sheepmeat - Selection for growth and lean meat yield Sheep CRC
Rural Industries Skill Training RIST
Selection for growth and lean meat yield Sheep CRC
Sheep CRC - Practical Wisdom Notes Sheep CRC
Sheep CRC - Publications Sheep CRC
Sheep Genetics - Lambplan MLA and AWI
Sheep Genetics - Publications MLA and AWI
Sheepmeat Eating Quality Guidelines (MSA) MLA
Training Courses - New South Wales Profrarm Homepage, NSW DPI
Training Courses - Sheep CRC Sheep CRC
Training Courses - South Australia Rural Solutions, Workshops page
Training Courses - Tasmania Tasmanian Food and Agriculture , Training courses, field days and workshops, Tasmania
Training Courses - Victoria Homepage , Victorian DPI Agriculture
Training Courses - Western Australia Department of Agriculture and Food , Events
Understanding market specifications MLA