Addressing genetics

Developing an effective breeding plan for your lamb business will help you to plan a breeding program that will meet your target market requirements.

Improving the genetics within your flock is one of several options to more effectively meet your target market requirements.  Follow this link for more information on Getting Started with Sheep Genetics.

Improving fat cover using genetics:

Stock with higher, more positive fat ASBV are likely to produce progeny that are fatter, or more earlier maturing, on average than stock with lower or negative fat ASBV’s. Increasing fat depth alone leads to a decrease in retail beef yield, however most market specifications require a minimum fat depth.

Improving dressing percentage and lean meat yield:

Lean Meat Yield (LM) is the weight of muscle and tissue that has been trimmed free of visible fat, expressed as a percentage of cold carcase weight (Dressing Percentage).  Breed, Maturity, sex and nutrition all have an effect on meat yield. These are production issues that you can control prior to slaughter. Processing affects yield, such as weight loss pres slaughter and transportation. Minimising stress and transportation time can improve yield. Follow this link for more information on Selecting for growth and lean meat yield.