Am I aiming at the right target specifications?

Check how well your livestock matches the target market carcass specifications for weight and fat. This can be seen by viewing the graph of your livestock on LDL.

The greater the number of carcases receiving penalties for missing the target, the lower your average price will be.  There may be a different target market grid that better matches your lambs. To assist you in assessing this you can change the target specifications by selecting a different industry grid, or by creating a user defined grid with your own weight and fat ranges for an alternative market, to see how your animals fit.

If you have enough lambs to sell, it may be possible next time to reduce the variation in the mob and have more lambs meet specifications and receive a better price by splitting the mob and selling to two different markets. Investing in a set of weigh scales and time in improving animal assessment skills will help you to better target specific market requirements.