Improving lambs that are too heavy and too lean for the target market

  • The lack of fat indicates carcases are unfinished and would have been better suited to a heavier weight market. Keep feeding until lambs hit target specifications for fat.
  • Nutrition:  Better nutrition early in the lamb’s life could be addressed to see if lambs can hit specifications earlier. In order to do this the lambs would need to have grown faster to put on more fat at a lighter weight. Hence they would reach the target weight at a younger age but with more fat.
  • If your production system does not allow you to feed them for longer selling them as feeder lambs may be a more profitable option for you.
  • Genetics:  If your production system does not suit growing the lambs out more then you may need to address genetics by using lambplan and selecting ASBV for earlier maturing rams to breed from.