General description
  • Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that connect affected organs or sites preventing natural separation.
  • Adhesions follow injury or chronic inflammation.
  • Affected organs and sites must be trimmed at meat inspection. Severely affected carcases are condemned.
  • Any long-term injury or inflammation can result in adhesions between the affected site and nearby tissues and organs.
  • Common sites for adhesions include between the lungs and the chest wall (e.g. following chronic pleurisy), the gut and other abdominal organs and abdominal wall (e.g. following chronic trauma like penetrating bodies).
  • Most cases are detected at meat inspection.
Clinical signs
  • Cattle may show signs relating to the affected organs or due to restrictions in movements arising from the mechanical effects of the adhesions.
  • Some cattle with mild adhesions and/or resolved inflammation may show no outward signs.
  • The underlying cause of the adhesions must be addressed. For example, adhesions between the lungs and chest wall may indicate a pleurisy problem in the herd. The causes of pleurisy will need to be addressed.
  • Prevention depends upon accurate diagnosis of the cause of the adhesions.
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